Commonly Asked Questions

nomoSIK is a safe and effective therapy to reduce or eliminate allergy symptoms.
Unlike traditional therapies nomoSIK works to reset how your body interacts with its environment.  The effect is your body can handle allergens naturally and effectively on its own.
No,  unlike traditional allergy treatments there are no shots, or needles,  no supplements, or medications
Once therapy is complete the treated items typically stay resolved for years.  Although there are some things that can cause a them to revert this can be effectively restored with a minor follow up treatment.   We have many patients going on years of resolution without symptoms coming back.
There are absolutely no shots or needles use for  testing or treatments.
No, since the therapy is designed to retrain your body/nervous system it will not rely on supplements or medications to be effective.
This varies depending on schedules, and number of allergies, however for most people about 2-3 weeks of therapy.
The first visit has a brief form to fill out, followed by a consult with the doctor.  Following the decision to move forward a series of quick and painless tests are run to identify specific therapy needed.
Each typical visit has two parts and takes about 10 minutes.  It involves testing to make sure prior therapy is complete, and performing the next therapy.
Since no medications or supplements are given there are no need to worry about negative interactions with medications.
Yes,  we commonly see infants and toddler for many things,  most common include dietary intolerance’s and pet allergies.
Many patients have years symptom free following treatment.
We have access to over 10000 therapies, and have the option to create custom ones in office

Side effects are uncommon and benign,  they happen in a very small percentage of treatments and typically include mild metallic taste in the mouth, or mild headache.